Why are 3rd party lab tests important for CBD products?

It is difficult to choose the right CBD product for some of us. The industry is poorly regulated and some producers are cutting costs and flooding the market with low quality, unsafe, products. Besides knowing the source of your CBD, lab data requirements should also have to be met. Here are 3 main things to look out for in lab tests:

1. Cannabinoid Count.

It’s important to see proof of 3rd party lab testing, this guarantees that the strength of CBD you see on the label is indeed its true strength. It’s important to get your CBD from a source that delivers quality and accurately described items.

2. Safety Test.

Has their CBD passed the following tests:

Microbiological, aerobic count, coliforms, enterobacteriaceae, E coli count, yeast and mold, pseudomonas, salmonella, pesticides/carbamates, heavy metals, organophosphates.

CBD without these tests CBD can be priced lower – make sure to check for this data as it’s not worth taking the risk I was actually using a cheap source for CBD and ended up getting a soar throat from a batch that had clearly not been grown to the correct standards – needless to say I never bought any without the 3rd party lab tests again.

3. Terpene Profile.

The importance of Terpenes. They’re the smell and taste component of the plant and when accompanied by cannabinoids bring on the “entourage effect”. Some extraction methods can be so inefficient that they destroy most of the terpenes present in the plant.

I will cover alot more on the topic of terpenes very soon.


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