CBD Experiences

Here is a story of a CBD oil user for for anxiety after a being involved in a car crash
posted to us at The CBD Archive we hope you find this useful .

My problems with anxiety started back in 2018 I was at work as a drivers mate delivering kitchens around greater London it started as a normal day worked all through out the morning fine, as it was getting to lunchtime in east London before the pandemic it was very busy at the time, we was driving through a set of traffic lights when we stopped in traffic with a small gap between us and and a van on the other side going the opposite way, the gap was maybe 6- 7 foot wide. There was a bus to my left at a bus stop with passengers getting off people everywhere, then all of a sudden a car with a set roof racks jumps the queue of traffic behind me speeding through the gap, there was a young girl maybe in her mid 20s was walking in front of the van she was literally two feet in front of me, she jogged across the front of the van at the same moment the car sped through sending her flying she rolled up the car and landed to the left hitting the floor with so much force I could hear the impact, my friend I was with kept repeating the licence plate over and over much quicker thinking than me, the driver kept going not stopping the poor girl was laying in a heap conscious but in a bad way, I can always remember the face of a young Muslim girl laying on the floor in the road holding her head so she didn’t damage her spine everyday superhero the ambulance and police was there in a no time at all.

The evening after the crash I couldn’t stop thinking about it, seeing it in my head over and over again and then I had my first anxiety attack, pain in my chest hyperventilating lips almost vibrating the worst thing that I’ve ever experienced, then they become more frequent every time I was going out in a car or van I was so worked up it was like riding a scary rollercoaster end with me shouting at whoever was driving.
With some advice from family I went to see the doctor where they prescribed me something to calm me down betablocker tablets although they did calm me down it wasn’t me I didn’t want to be chemically dependent but when I stopped I had bad side affects made me sick hot and more anxious , after some research on YouTube I found that CBD is great for anxiety.
I ordered a bottle of CBD oil from a recommended uk site the kind where you put a drop under your tongue after one day I felt a difference so much more relaxed without ingesting chemicals with that and some counselling I’m now 12 months panic attack free.
I’m not saying CBD is the be all or end all for people however its worked for me it may work for you and if it means not taking chemicals to help your mind that’s got to worth a try, hope my journey helps you .
god bless


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