CBDRIVE 1000MG CBD Oil is non-psychoactive and made with 100% natural hemp extract. I have been using this brand of CBD oil for a month now I have finished the bottle I can now give a full review on this product.

I take CBD oil to calm anxiety and stress I have to say this month has been very stressful for myself anyway let me just say the CBD oil has definitely helped me when I feel any signs of a panic attack or anxiety I reach straight for it and it hasn’t failed me yet. Within a couple of minutes I feel my anxiety melting away I have recommended this to my family and friends as the current climate we are living in I feel everybody would benefit from having a bottle at hand.

Taste, this product is pretty much tasteless not like some oils I have had in the past which can linger for some time, this stuff I can leave in my mouth for a long period without tasting anything which is a plus as you can have some just before dinner.

Effects, I have really put this to the test and have to say I am very pleased! I usually go through a fair amount of CBD flower but this month I have stuck with the oil. I’ve had a pretty stressful month and every time I’ve felt some anxiety creeping in I’ve reached for the oil and have to say it’s effects are felt almost immediately, I get a massive relief and my anxiety melts away, I also noticed that I don’t seem to get anxiety for a long period of time when using this oil.

Price, currently £29.99 on sale from £59.99 which is a big discount I will be ordering another bottle while the discount is on as a 1000MG bottle contains 33MG of CBD per ML (30ML per bottle). Very reasonable price and can be found HERE you can also save yourself a 5% on top of the discount by using “THECBDARCHIVE” discount code on any orders on HempElf.


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